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Roche University
  • year 2018
  • client Roche
  • design bicepsdigital (Matus Stenko)
  • services branding, print

Visual identity for Roche University

We created a visual identity for an internal platform of Roche Czech republic. Our goal was to create a text logo which is supported by color/shape textures of each of the departments (“faculties”). The main idea behind the wordmark comes from the Roche logo itself, we just a bit changed the angle of the hexagon shape.


The main colors for the identity are dark blue and white, together with turquoise blue and light brown cream color.

University pattern

The pattern is another key part of the identity, we created two options – white with blue shapes and an inverse option. We use it for the key visuals, prints, mail signatures and digital invitations in the company’s internal information system.

Specific patterns and additional colors

Each of the departments has it’s own color which is added to the main colors mentioned before.

Possible use of additional patterns