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Proviant limo
  • year 2018
  • client Proviant limonády
  • design Rudolf Matějček, Jan Volejníček (photo)
  • services web design, photography, development
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Czech online home for Berlin lemonades

These lemonades are so good. And we’re not saying that just because we spent years in the Beats.PM lounge serving and drinking these wonderful beverages. These original Berlin craft sodas are something to look for in any bar / pub / restaurant. This is the web showcase we think Proviant deserves. Simple, parallax scrolling, simply animated.

Mobile version

The site and the bottle animations are also gyroscope driven (try looking on your mobile or tablet device).


When on the detail page, you can slide, tap, click, or even rotate the device to see the animation. The background transitions, ingredients parallax, and the bottle rotates.