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Pěstuj Prostor
  • client Pěstuj Prostor
  • year 2013 - 2017

Visual Identity

You’ve got to appreciate what Pěstuj Prostor is doing for Pilsen’s public space. Changing people’s attitude towards what should be everyone’s space, but mostly is not, Pěstuj Prostor is participating in many public activities in the Pilsen region. Our cooperation with Pěstuj Prostor began in 2013 with creating their whole visual identity and a website. Logotype, colors, roll-ups, posters, flyers, Facebook covers, and other web and print related stuff.

Posters, flyers and other prints

With more than 4 years of collaboration with Pěstuj Prostor, we have a huge portfolio of prints behind us. This is just a small selection.


Přednáškové cykly
Dialogy o architektuře

Pěstuj Prostor 2012–2016

In 2016, after 4 years of active public space transformation, Pěstuj Prostor summarized their activities with an open air exhibition in Pilsen. We created 21 prints with each of the most important projects in their history.