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Na Příkopě 15
  • client Svoboda & Williams
  • year 2017

The hottest business address in Prague

We got approached by Svoboda & Williams to design and develop a site for Na Příkopě 15, probably the hottest business address in Prague. Our role was to come up with a visual direction of the project, following a responsive web design, coupled with web development. The project doesn’t end here, Na Příkopě 15 is a part of the Offices Unlimited project, which we are covering too – design & development is on us.

Main page

Simple layout, strong typography. We chose our favorite font family, Proxima Nova, which creates a perfect combo with just the right amount of white space.



You just gotta love Proxima Nova, we even use it for our website and corporate identity. It’s rather contemporary (especially the bolder versions), yet interesting and original in its details. Na Příkopě 15 is a type-based website and Proxima was the font of our choice for this reason.