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  • year Distela
  • client 2017
  • design bicepsdigital
  • services branding, web design, development

We love working for our clients. But some projects we love more than others – this one is one of them. We created the whole visual identity for Distela so it’s barrel aged beer doesn’t just taste good – it also looks good. And by the way, they just started their cooperation with our lovely neighbour – Momoichi Coffeetearia – and brewed the first Ray Egg made Sakura influenced beer together.

Handmade, but contemporary. That’s what Distela is. A modern product with a taste of old technologies needed a modern logotype. Their visual identity is covering all the hand-drawn illustrations, beer labels, and business cards.


Beautiful, hand drawn illustrations by our main artsy guy – Pavel – to show how Distela actually works.

Web Design

This is what the website looks like. The coding was not on our side this time, we only participated in the design of this project. Distela is a simple yet great product, and a simple but nice parallax scrolling page was the best solution to showcase it online.

…and yeah. The beer is good. 🙂