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5th Spectaculare
  • client Spectaculare
  • year 2018

For the 5th edition of Spectaculare – Prague’s festival of the finest curated music – we created a whole new visual identity. A new logotype and a new atmosphere throughout the web and print design. As the 2018 edition of Spectaculare was one of the strongest in its history, this is one of the works we love the most. Hope you love it too!

Logotype design

Simple typography is something that suits Spectaculare the most. In the past it had changed every year, this time we used the new beautiful BW Nista Typeface in various weights and styles.

Color palette & Typography

Prior to our website, Spectaculare had always had a dark design. We changed that and decided to employ a diverse palette of blue-ish tones throughout the whole design. For type, our choice was simple. BW Nista by Alberto Romanos is a strong sans serif font with so many beautiful details that we are unable to pick which one we love the most. Look at the “g” for example.

Textures and backgrounds

There were so many steps to create these that we wouldn’t even be able to recreate the design again if we wanted to :). The textures were used both for print and web design, as well as for all the animations we made for the festival’s online presence.


About a hundred Citylights, Digiboard animations, roll-ups, and posters all around Prague.

Website Design & Development