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  • year 2018
  • client VCES, a.s.
  • design Rudolf Matějček, Jan Gemerle
  • services web design, web development

VCES is a construction and development group as part of Bouygues Construction Group one of the biggest ones in Europe. They needed a website company portal with all the content such a page needs – about VCES, references, history and complex career page with application form for each of the jobs they offer. Key words for this project? Typography, photos, whitespace, variable layout. All texts are editable in CMS.

The importance of the career page

Employees are the key element to a healthy company, we know that and that’s why we put so much effort to develop the VCES career page. We designed a list of job offers with option to filter by type / area and a detail with application form.

Animations, transitions and simple parallax effect

We know. Everyone is using parallax. We love it too but did not want to overuse the effect – this is a quick example of a reference list page. Here is our take, hope you like it!

Rich reference detail

Custom fields for special numbers, image gallery, highlighted text and other text areas give every reference detail a little bit of a twist. We also created a PDF export feature in CMS so it’s easy to print the detail or send it via e-mail.

Our Team / Who we are page

Animated, fully editable in CMS. That’s how we like it.